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 Hover Ace Combat Racing Zone  RC Racing Hovercraft  Moccu Creek  Mini Boat Racing
Hover Ace Combat Racing Zone
565 Mb

Hover Ace is a 500 km/h hovercraft battle race, with various weapons, equipment, power ups, and gripping gameplay from start to finish.

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RC Racing Hovercraft
Popular Remote Control

RC Racing Hovercraft rides on a cushion of air created by pressurized air blowing downward into the rubber air-bag skirt, specially designed to "seal" with the ground.

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Moccu Creek

Los amigo travel in the Mexican desert on his rocket hovercraft.

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Mini Boat Racing

Drive your miniature boat against two computer players.

Also known as hovercraft racing.

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 Tyco RC AirBlade Hovercraft  Mini RC Hovercraft  OWI Amphibious Solar Vehicle  Ship Simulator Extremes
Tyco RC AirBlade Hovercraft
Popular Remote Control

The next generation in remote control hovercrafts featuring 3 air cushions. Hover over land, snow, ice, and water. Tilt and rotate the rear air cushions by radio control to steer and propel your Airblade. Watertight and fully amphibious.

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Mini RC Hovercraft
Popular Handheld

Race this miniature hovercraft across land, water and ice. It runs on any smooth surface and is easy to steer through tight spots with the full-function controller.

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New OWI Amphibious Solar Vehicle
Popular Product

Solar powered amphibious vehicule. Built-it yourself kit. Educative.

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New Ship Simulator Extremes
1525 Mb

Tip: use a download accelerator free to try

Explore the Antarctic or take in beautiful Bora Bora. Sail into extremes conditions: storms, Antartica, snow, and rain. Wide range of vessels to captain, including Coast Guard interceptors, supertankers, tugs, cruise liners, and many others.

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 Space Hovercrafts Haste 2  LEGO Fire Hovercraft  Speeding Skateboard  Star Wars Landspeeder Hovercraft
Space Hovercrafts Haste 2
66 Mb

Space Haste 2 is an adrenaline pumping, futuristic hovercraft racing game that puts players in the driver's seat of the hottest hovercrafts on the planet!

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LEGO Fire Hovercraft
Popular Toys

The LEGO fire hovercraft has wheels for dry land, and can move in any direction. The firefighters on board have lots of accessories and tools for any rescue situation! Deck hoses rotate to fight fire in all directions!

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Speeding Skateboard

Race around on a hoverboard!

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Star Wars Landspeeder Hovercraft
Popular Product

Star Wars hovercraft Landspeeder racer with Luke Skywalker driving.

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 Mind Rover  Formula 1 RC Hydroplane  Hydro Flyer RC  Safari Biathlon Racer
Mind Rover
31 Mb

You are a researcher on Europa, a moon of Jupiter and you get to program the intelligence of your hovercraft, wheeled or treaded robotic vehicles.

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Formula 1 RC Hydroplane
Popular Remote Control

This mini Formula 1 RC Hydroplane boat is the perfect fit for pools of all sizes.

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Hydro Flyer RC
Popular Remote Control

The hydroflyer is an rc multi-surface vehicle. It operates on water, asphalt, snow, grass, and any other smooth surface. The kit includes the parts to assemble the flyer, including the body, battery, charger, transmitter, motor, and propeller.

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Safari Biathlon Racer
237 Mb

Wild race between powerful turbocars and hovercrafts of the future, over racetracks on three different planets!

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Sky Racer Impulse Play high-speed Hovercraft racing set in the future
Machine Hell Control an advanced military hovercraft and destroy aliens!

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Machine Hell Control an advanced military hovercraft and destroy aliens!
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