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Alive Chimpanzee Radio Control Interactive Alive Chimpanzee monkey  Alive Chimpanzee
The Alive Chimpanzee combines Hollywood special effects with advanced robotics technology in the most realistic simian this side of the jungle. He's a life size, highly detailed realistic bust. Animatronics enable him to duplicate the signature sounds and movements of a real monkey chimp. His skin and hair, which were developed specifically for the Chimp, are amazingly life-like. His head, eyes, mouth, upper lip, eye lids and eye brows move just like his counterparts in the wild. And, his vocalizations are startlingly real. He's multi-sensory, highly communicative and interactive. An infrared vision system allows him to detect movement and track objects, and touch sensors in his chin, head and ears react to contact. Alive Chimpanzee responds to sharp sounds with his stereoscopic sound sensors. The nature of the Chimp's response to these stimuli will depend upon the mood that he's in - curious, fearful, happy or angry. Watch out if he's angry - he becomes a very frightening and very loud chimpanzee. He comes programmed with five modes: Direct control, programming, guard, demo and "Alive" mode. In the "Alive" mode, the Chimpanzee will interact autonomously with his environment, carefully watching, listening and responding to what is going on around him. The Alive Chimpanzee comes complete with an ergonomically designed controller. Also known as WowWee Chimpanzee Alive Life Like Chimp Head. Requires one "9V" battery and 4 "D" batteries (not included). Measures 13" tall. Age 8 and Up.

alive chimpanzee with 
remote control

Fully animated features, interactive and communicative! Four distinctive moods: Happy, Playful, fearful and aggressive!

Sonic sensors, touch sensors and infra-red vision!

Remote Control and autonomous modes. The first electronic home entertainment product based on the principles of Hollywood special effects!
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