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Axis and Allies Miniatures Portable version of Axis and Allies and Booster Pack Expansions  Axis and Allies Miniatures
Axis and Allies Miniatures is the New light version of Axis and Allies.

To start playing AxisandAllies Miniatures you need the Two Player Starter Pack, and from that you can add a booster pack for more playable gameplay.

There's 2 Starter Sets available: the standard 1) Two-Player Starter Set and the new 2) War at Sea Two- Player Starter Set.

1) Axis and Allies Miniatures Starter Pack
Roll across the battlefield and on to victory with this new starter set. Everything needed to start playing Axis and Allies Miniatures is included, just add dice. It includes 18 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures, full-color game stat cards, 6 double-sided, full-color battle maps and Axis&Allies Miniatures Rulebook. Dice not included.

1a) D-Day Booster Pack
The assault on Fortress Europe begins with D-Day. Highlighting units and nations involved in Operation Overlord – including the debut of Canadian troops. It introduce battlefield obstacles like pillboxes and tank traps plus Supermarine Spitfire and Jagdtiger. 9 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures.

1b) Contested Skies Booster Pack
It features fighter planes, antiaircraft guns, tank destroyers, motocycles, forward observers and more.

1c) Set II Booster Pack
This exciting 45-miniature expansion for the Axis & Allies Miniatures skirmish game introduces three new unit types - snipers, paratroopers, and cavalry - as well as troops from China, Poland, and Romania — along with units from several other countries already embroiled in the Second World War.

1d) Reserves Booster Pack (Release date: November 10th, 2006)
Deploy some of the most innovative and unusual units developed for the war, scramble fast-moving jets, and establish superiority with support units, such as Ranger and Fallschirmjäger units.

2) War at Sea Two-Player Starter Set (Release date: March 16th, 2007)
Wage war upon the waves with this exciting new naval miniatures game. With 64 authentically detailed miniatures, gamers, collectors, and history buffs will be able to assemble fleets of the finest vessels to ever do battle on, under, or above the sea in World War II. 64 authentically detailed carriers, battleships, destroyers, cruisers, submarines, aircraft and other vessels from WWII . Unique ships—such as the BB Bismarck, IJN Yamato, and the USS Enterprise—feature their distinctive markings and camouflage. Double-sided battle maps allow the creation of massive 30”x40” battlefields that can be customized with the double-sided island cards.

2a) War at Sea Booster Pack
5 randomized, prepainted, durable plastic miniatures. This expansion pack requires the War at Sea Two-Player Starter Set.
NOTE: A user comment from Amazon recommend to purchase at least 2 booster packs along with the starter set. "With 12 random miniatures, you will not get a good enough mix to field two armies, so you need to buy at least two booster packs." T.A.Tucker Amazon.com.
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