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Butterfly Garden coloring kit 4 Wooden Butterflies to color  Butterfly Garden coloring kit
Balitono's Butterflies kit--winner of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal award--is nothing short of terrific. It's as user-friendly for a 5-year-old as it is for a grandparent: the sturdy 4-inch wooden butterflies are large enough to be easily manipulated, the acrylic paint dries fast (and the colors stay brilliant), and slight variations in each of the hand-carved critters mean that no two are alike. Its best feature is that it can be as open-ended or specifically targeted as you want it to be. The generous size of the creatures' wings lends itself equally well to a young child's first attempts at managing a paintbrush or a science-minded lepidopterist reproducing the complicated patterns of a purple emperor. Depicted in glorious color on the box are 18 different species; kids will have fun identifying each using the key in the instructions. Almost everything you need is here: paints and brush, findings and suction cups for hanging, and magnets for refrigerator or locker display--even glossy varnish and gift tags. All you'll need to have on hand is some water for rinsing the brush, a bit of newspaper to cover your work surface, and an eager artist. We only wish there were more than three butterflies included in the set, so the magic would last a little longer. --A former home school educator, Julie Robinson currently manages a hands-on lab employing three gifted and professional toy testers ranging in age from 5 to 12.
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