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Conquest of the Empire Use diplomacy to pacify stronger enemies and Roman Legions to crush the rest!  Conquest of the Empire
Will you be the next Emperor of Rome, or food for the lions? In Conquest of the Empire it is the 2nd century AD, and the 200 year Pax Romana of Augustus Caesar has come to an end. With the death of the Philosopher-Scholar Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Empire is without a competent leader. Chaos has descended on the land and several contenders for the throne have emerged. Use diplomacy to pacify your stronger enemies and your mighty Roman Legions to crush the rest! Conquest of the Empire features over 300 historically accurate, professionally sculpted miniatures, and improved Classic gameplay as well as rules for the all new Conquest of the Empire 2!

Conquest of the Empire board game includes:
Antique map-style game board (46" by 36"), 2 token sheets, 1 deck of cards, 8 dice, 1 Caesar (in each color), 4 Generals (in each color), 20 Infantry (in each color), 20 Cavalry (in each color), 6 Catapults (in each color), 8 Galleys (in each color), 16 Cities, 16 Fortifications, 20 Roads, 25 Five-Talent coins, 50 Ten-Talent coins and 2 instruction booklets.
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