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Desktop Mini Golf Desktop MiniGolf set with 2 Golf Clubs, 2 Golf Balls, Mat, and 6 golfcourses  Desktop Mini Golf
Workplace golf can be a curiously anti-climatic affair. There's simply little or no challenge in putting a real-life golf ball along the carpet with one's real-life club. One can, after all, do that almost anywhere. The trick is to go crazy. This miniature crazy golf set is another matter entirely, and will test one's man-mettle to the very limit. Comprising no fewer than a half-dozen death-defying golfing feats, each moulded in sturdy bright plastic, and helpfully set-out on a lush green mat, this surely is a set for office golf connoisseurs... best kept for special occasions like winter or summer holidays, and the visit of the divisional Director. With two clubs and sets of balls, one is not only able to demonstrate one's considerable expertise and deftness of golfing touch, but invite a hapless colleague to join in the chaos. Better still, by investing in more than one set, one may scale-up to the full 18 holes and create one's very own inter-departmental challenge. Thereby elevating one's-self to the role of office vibemeister-in-chief. With all manner of ramps, bumps, chicanes, and even a picturesque windmill thrown in for good measure, this is a deluxe set for deluxe workplace occasions, with or without the permission of Health and Safety. Swing. But remember to swing low. Set them up on your desk and have hours of golfing. The minigolf set comes with 5 different pieces that can be set up in many different combinations. Includes 2 golf sticks and 2 golf balls.
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