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Dinosaur Eggs Real dinosaur eggs or replica  Dinosaur Eggs
Featured dinosaur eggs:
Hadrosaur Egg Replica: This 6" x 6" x 2½" Hadrosaur egg is the largest and most complete we have ever come across. Set neatly in its own rounded, pedestal-like matrix, this replica faultlessly exhibits the exquisite quality of the original. A finer specimen may not exist.
Oviraptor Egg dinosaur Replica: In 1923, scientists gave the name Oviraptor philoceratops (egg eater) to a dinosaur they found lying on top of a nest of what they thought were Protoceratops eggs. A similar egg was subsequently found containing an almost complete skeleton of an Oviraptor embryo. It is now believed that the Oviraptors were actually protecting and nurturing their own eggs rather than raiding the nest. This egg is 6" x 2.
Real dinosaur eggs: various, find Rare big Dinosaur Egg Fossils on auction.
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