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Dread Pirate Buried treasure, desert islands and pirate battles  Dread Pirate
Dread Pirate is the ultimate family adventure game! Buried treasure, desert islands, treacherous seas, hungry sharks, and of course, pirate battles all await you in this exciting game. Choose a ship, a port of call, and set sail in search of treasure - gold doubloons, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Trade for treasure or sail broadside to another captain and take your best shot! Watch out for Shark's Tooth passage where the flip of a card may seal the fate of your entire crew. Be the first to collect every kind of treasure, reach Dread Island, and you will be the winner! The game is played upon a wonderfully illustrated and aged cloth map with cast playing pieces, real metal replica doubloons, and beautiful pirate treasure. Journey back with your family for a high seas treasure hunting, pirate plundering adventure! Usualy, a standard or Deluxe version is available.
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