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Ducati Grand Prix Race Track Play with 2 remote control Motorcycles Off or On the Racetrack!  Ducati Grand Prix Race Track
The Remote Controlled Ducati Motorcycle Raceway. Winner of a "100 Best Toys" award from Dr. Toy, this is the child's raceway with remote-controlled motorcycles modeled on the famous Ducati 999 Superbike--right down to authentic engine sounds. The bikes can race side-by-side on the grooved track, or they can go off- road for courses on the open floor. Designed for young hands, the infrared handlebar remote uses two simple buttons to send the bike backward or forward; when racing on the Grand Prix-style track, a twist of one of four "rail road switch" knobs can divert a bike into a "pit stop" or off the track altogether. Track accessories include lap counter, starting line, pit stop indicators, crash barriers, advertising boards, and crash tires, which can all be removed from the raceway to customize a kitchen-floor course. Two Ducati remote controlled bikes with real Grand Prix Race Track sounds: by grasping the infra-red handle bar control , the superbikes are driven around the curves, over the humps, through the lap counter and finally to the pitt stop. The Super Bikes can also be driven off the racetrack through different courses created using racetrack accessories ( the start line, pit stop, lap counter, crash barrers, sponsors advertising boards, and crash tires). Requires eight AA batteries for bikes and remotes. Ages 2 and up. Made in Italy. 8" H x 25" W x 46" L. (10 lbs.)
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