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Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game
Learn the basic rules by playing this Dungeon&Dragon Introduction Boardgame

 Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game
Get a hands-on introduction to the Dungeons and Dragons role- playing game experience. It celebrate the 30th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons and comes with 12 pre-painted plastic miniature figurines and 4 double-side map boards. A great way for current players to introduce the game to a new generation. For ages 12 yrs. and up.

Take on the role of a fierce warrior, a mighty wizard, a powerful cleric or a stealthy rogue and embark on a heroic quest! Brave the unknown and explore treacherous dungeons, battle terrifying monsters and discover wondrous treasures! Together with your bold companions, prove you've got what it takes to face the risks and collect the rewards in the greatest fantasy roleplaying game of all time! This new version of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game makes it easier than ever to start playing D&D immediately. It contains everything you need to have exciting D&D adventures, including a complete set of dice, four double-sided map tiles, a rulebook for each player, a rulebook for the Dungeon Master, and 12 pre-painted plastic miniatures (4 characters and 8 monsters) from the popular Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game line.
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