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Gogo TV Video Games Plug in TV, MOVE and Play! The Gogo video camera capture your moves  Gogo TV Video Games
Who says watching TV and playing video games creates couch potatoes? GoGo TV Video Vision is the most actively interactive video game series around! Parents hook up the Video Vision unit, adjust the angle of the video camera, snap in the 4-in-1 game cartridge…and kids "GoGo" into the game! After choosing Balloon Juggling, Penguin Maze, Break a Brick, or Flash Card Fishing, players stand 6 to 10 feet from the TV and begin the virtual play. In Balloon Juggling, for example, the object is to keep the balloons on the screen in the air. The video camera places the players right on the screen, in the action, so that their movements are actually what keep the balloons aloft. Each game has several levels or modes, allowing for advancement and solo or team play. When the game is over, a Fun-O-Meter rates the amount of fun the players are having. Scores are automatically calculated and displayed, and Hi Score tells players if they've beaten their previous attempts. All worn out from these games? Check out other games in the GoGo TV series (not included). Now GoGo work up a sweat! --Emilie Coulter Go-Go TV puts you in the TV and in the action. It includes a gaming system console that plugs directly into any standard television. A built-in camera captures the player's image and displays it on the screen. The camera can track the player's movements through his or her actions to control the action on the screen. Complete set comes with four different games in one cartridge: Balloon Juggling, Penguin Maze, Break-A-Brick and Deep Sea Diving. Additional games and accessories sold separately. Features 16 bit graphics. 6V adapter included.

Fun for the whole family: "Great Toy!! I have to warn you .. you are going to want to have the camcorder ready to roll! It took just minutes to hook up. HOURS to break ourselves away from it. We all had such a blast. If you aren't playing you can enjoy watching the others play. Our family are ages 18 months .. my grandson (he loves the balloons) .. my 5 year old (he loves them all) .. my older sons and daughter in law are between 21 and 23 and myself, 41 years old and I can't tell you who had more fun. We have already ordered more games and systems. I hope they keep making games for this one."

"Physical & Fun: I love this game. My niece & I played with it several days in a row. It is really a neat concept! The child's image placed in the TV & you interact as though you are inside of the TV. Love it Alot! I found the math section to be challenging to me. The game is physical, educational & fun. Any child or adult will have great fun!"

Built-in camera captures the player's image and displays it. Includes four games: Balloon Juggling, Penguin Maze, Break-A-Brick and Deep Sea Diving. For ages 5 years and up.
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