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Habro Battleship Torpedo Attack Classic Battleship game with submarine torpedoes theme.  Habro Battleship Torpedo Attack
Now the classic Battleship game comes with dynamic torpedo action! Search, aim and destroy as you set up your fleet, scan the radar and send the crew to their battle stations. Use your radar to locate the enemy vessel. Set up the ship on the ocean grid and lock on to your target using the periscope mirror. Squeeze the triggers and fire! Can you blast them out of the water? You have just three chances to hit your targets. Be the first to blast your enemy out of the water to win the game! Battleship Torpedo Attack Game: For 2 players Includes: Ocean gird 2 torpedo launchers 2 periscope units 2 visors 8 torpedo marbles 10 large ships 10 small ships 4 peg trays 1 torpedo tray 200 scoring pegs Label sheet Instructions,
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