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Get tickets usually on sale for real Hot Air Balloon rides in Champagne (United Kingdom), California, Colorado, Connecticut, Las Vegas, Florida and more. Description of hot air balloon ride in Champagne UK:
What does the activity include? The excitement starts with the inflation of the huge balloon which will surprise you with its immense size - almost seven stories high. You will then climb aboard and be briefed by your pilot. As you take off the feeling will be one of pure elation. The direction of the flight will be dictated by the wind and will last around one hour. Your view of the countryside will be uninterrupted in all directions as the scenery unfolds below. Once the balloon is packed away its time to celebrate in the traditional balloonist's manner with champagne. Where does the experience take place? There are approximately 65 launch sites around the UK. What should I wear? Normal out-door clothing and footwear appropriate for the time of year. Please remember it will be colder at altitude than it is on the ground. How long should I allow for this experience? The flight last for approximately one hour but the whole experiencemay last approximately four hours. When does the activity take place? Flights are scheduled throughout the year although there are less flights during the winter months. Are there any restrictions? There is no upper age limits but passengers must be agile enough to climb into the basket (which is about 42 inches (1.1m) high)and to stand for an hour. Children must be at least 8 years old children under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsable adult appointed by the parent(s) or guardian. All passengers should be at least 4ft 6ins (1.4m)in height to see over the edge of the basket. In the interests of safety and operational requirements we cannot undertake the carriage of passenger whose declared weight exceeds 18 stones (114 kg). Voucher is not valid for London City Skyline flights. What about the weather? Ballooning requires good stable weather light winds and good visibility. For this reason most flights are scheduled for just after dawn or just before dusk - although take off time will vary depending on the time of year. In the event that you flight is cancelled due to bad weather the balloon operatorwill make alternative arrangements with you for another date. It is the pilots decision on all aspects of the flight. Once you have activated your voucher you must attempt to take the flight at least8 times within the same season. If you do not an extension fee will be payable to the balloon operator. Can I bring spectators? Spectators are welcome and may help to inflate the balloon before wishing you bon voyage. What else do I need to know? This voucher is valid for two people. Voucher not valid for London flights.
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