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Jenga The Tower Game Build the Tower. Avoid the Collapse  Jenga The Tower Game
Show your steady hands and elementary structural knowledge in a battle against gravity when you play Jenga, a game of luck and precision. First, assemble the 54 rectangular, hardwood blocks-- smooth and shaped just right for stacking--into a three-piece-wide, 18-story tower. Then take turns removing the three-inch blocks one at time, using caution to keep the structure intact while stacking the removed pieces back on the top of the tower. As the tower rises, its base begins to teeter--one wrong move and it collapses in a heap! Game over. Jenga allows adults to play architect and children to perfect their stacking skills and hand-eye coordination. There is no limit on the number of participants--it can even be played solo. But beware: Jenga can be addictive. The instructions declare a 36-story structure to be the mark of a real pro. How tall can you go? --Cate Bick, amazon
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