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Mini Gps Tracker The best Spying gadget ever! Tracks cars, suitcases, labtops and more.  Mini Gps Tracker
Track any cars, suitcases, bags or hide it in someone jacket to track any movement thanks to satellite GPS tracking.

SkyTRX™ Mini Tracker records driving activity so you can review detailed information about where your vehicle has traveled. Tiny unit picks up signals from GPS satellites and accurately determines its location within 8 ft. and records this data every second. Using this data and the included software, you can accurately determine where the vehicle traveled, how fast it was driven, where it stopped and for how long. This recorded data can be displayed over a street map, satellite images and in a text report. It's ideal for tracking teenage drivers,employers needing precise vehicle use records and anyone concerned about improper use of their vehicle.

Because Mini Tracker is recording data (not showing it in real time) there's no installation fee or monthly user fee. It has a strong magnet for mounting on a steel vehicle body and a water-resistant design if attached outside the vehicle. Its enhanced GPS receiver can pick up satellite signals almost anywhere in the vehicle -- even when concealed. It stores up to 100 hours of driving data but only needs 2 "AAA" batteries (not included). Data is downloaded from the Mini Tracker using your computer's USB connection. The included software displays the vehicle's travel on a street map and creates a detailed report. Features auto power-saver, power indicator and signal indicator. Only 3.75" long. This tracking device may not be used to violate privacy rights of others, or in violation of local, county, state or federal statutes. Consult legal counsel for the interpretation of any applicable laws.
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