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Mojo Rails Complete Skateboard Park Complete Skate Park with 2 quarter pipes, 2 sky ramps, one skate bench  Mojo Rails Complete Skateboard Park
Featuring something for every skateboarder, the Mojo Rails Complete Skate Park is perfect for creating the most complete skate park in your backyard, at a community park, or in a parking lot. It comes with two quarter pipes, two sky ramps, one 7.5-foot square grind rail, one 7-foot round grind rail, one skate bench, and Mojo's Porta-Park set (which includes two wedge ramps and one fun box tabletop). In addition to boarders, this set- up is also ideal for BMX bikers and in-line skaters. The quarter pipes feature a durable polycarbonate ramp surface in black, and each measures 4 x 8.25 x 4 feet (HxLxW). The ramp surface is flexible to ensure smooth contact with approach surface. The industrial strength blue steel frame is powder coated to prevent weathering and it includes wheels on the back side for easy movement and storage. The sky ramps also include a 1/4-inch thick polycarbonate ramp surface, and they have a durable steel frame system with 360- degree notched and welded ramp trusses and supports. They measure 15 x 43 x 30 inches (HxLxW). Each grind rail is made from 16 gauge steel tubing and includes three height extensions to allow for different angles and levels of difficulty while performing tricks. The skate bench has adjustable legs for level or slanted skate surface and steel edges for grinding. The Porta-Park's fun box features a solid base made of heavy duty welded steel, and it measures 33 by 50 inches. And each wedge ramp comes with a transition plate for a smooth mount from the concrete and steel ramp legs. The fun box tabletop and wedge ramps have a solid wood core and are laminated with metal sheeting on both sides and encased by a welded steel channel. - Amazon
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