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Nascar Daytona Challenge
NASCAR Daytona racing strategy game with huge 6ft by 4ft mat!

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 Nascar Daytona Challenge
This is a Daytona Challenge Race Track Game

Experience the thrills and excitement of Nascar racing as you are the driver. Quality with the fastest speed and you are on the pool. Restrictor plate racing at its best.

Mastering the draft is the key to winning. Team up with other drivers to draft past opponents. Take the chance to make the pass or get hung out to dry.

By using your drafting skills and strategies, you can feel the glory of winning the Daytona 500 as you drive into Victory Lane.

Huge 4 x 6 foot; full color plastic vinyl mat style race track designed from actual Daytona Speedway blueprints

Race track is designed to use your favorite 1:64 scale die cast cars (cars not included). Game comes with cardboard game pieces

Race track doubles as an excellent activity mat for kids when not playing the game

Game features Rookie Rules for beginners and Pro Rules for advanced play with realistic racing results

Game Contents:
4" x 6" Race track mat
Dashboard style spinner
3 Decks of cards
Dry erase log sheet & Marker
Ten sided special restrictor plate racing die
Pit crews and Car Markers
Fun for the whole family and great for the Nascar fan
2 to 10 Players

Officially Licensed by Nascar
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OS: and later

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