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Power Play TV Games Play in TV and Play 120 classic arcade games from the 80s  Power Play TV Games
Included: Main System Controller, Joystick Control Pad, Light Gun, AC Adapter & AV Cable. Plug in the AV jacks direct to the TV. 3 AA batteries needed for use at home or office! Second control and gun attach to the first control in order to play 2 players, or to play games with lazer gun. Base attaches to the Television, so you can play wireless. 2 plater controls for 2 players.

GAME LIST: Classic 80s arcade games that you can play are : Super Mario Bros, PacMan, 1942, Stargate, Joust, Dig-Dug Digger, Galaga, Contra, Hogan's Alley, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Popeye, Defender, Duck Hunt, Paperboy, Tetris, Bomberman, Millipede, Super Contra, Pinball, Kung Fu, Excite Bike, Ice Climber, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Desert Tank, F1 Car Racing, Road Fighter, Wild Gun Man, Warpman, Lunar Ball, Lode Runner, Chess, Pooyan, Mappy, Macross, Burger Time, Hogan Alley, Skydiver, Star Force, Time Tube, Water Dragon, Danger Zone, Sun Fan, Archery, Triple Jump, Superman Bomb 1-4, Brick Fighter Arkanoid, Super Brick Breakout, Monkey, Slalom, Clay Shooting, Antarctic, WWF and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some stores mention that you can play 12000 games, but actually it's not correct. Many are the same games in various languages or different color patterns, but there is 120 original.
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