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Tekno the Robotic Pony A Robot Pony that walks, express emotions, dance and speak!!  Tekno the Robotic Pony
The next time your child asks you for a pony, you might just want to say yes. Because unlike real ponies, the Tekno robotic pony isn't a lot of work--he's just a lot of fun. He walks forward, backward, right, left, and expresses emotions through color- changing eyes and equine whinnies. Just like any young horse, Tekno is perfectly content to chomp on his apple and be groomed (but not ridden). With the included wireless translator, you'll always know exactly what this pony is thinking and eventually he says several English phrases. He’s also more than a one trick pony as he can impresses an audience with dancing, speaking, singing, and more. Children ages three through eight will be delighted as they learn how to program and work this amazing robotic toy.

Tekno Pony has a sleek design, cool software features, and animation that creates smooth, realistic movements. Tekno’s remote control will let you know when he wants to be walked, brushed, played with, or fed. Sensors that react to sight, sound, and light then allow him to perform advanced actions, like holding his apple on his snout. Behaviors are launched by pressing the sensors on his head, nose, and side. Children will enjoy his moving ears, swishing tail, and light-up eyes.

Tekno Pony weighs about 3.5 lbs, stands maybe two hands tall (measuring 11.5-by-10 inches), and requires four AA batteries and three AG13 batteries (none of which are included). The brown and white robotic pony comes with the Tekno Translator, an apple, a brush, and a saddle.
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