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The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion Board Game The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe Hasbro Boardgame  The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion Board Game
Based on the exciting new motion picture! use your special abilities, but watch out for wolves and the White Witch who can turn you into stone. Be the first to reach the lamppost and return to the wardrobe. The Chronicles of Narnia - Lion, Witch and Wardrobe Game. Includes 4 fully decorated character tokens of Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter as well as a cardboard White Witch pawn, special dice, ability cards, Aslan tokens, and much, much more! Jump into the wardrobe and join Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy on an exciting race through the magical world of Narnia. Be careful... the White Witch is chasing after you and will turn you to stone if she catches up. The wolves are on the prowl, too! If you're lucky, the mighty lion Aslan could help you escape harm and get ahead! Be the first player to make it back to the lamppost, and you win!
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