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The Instant Audio Video Photo iPod Transfer System
Quickly transfer digital content, music, video, pictures to iPods

OS: and later

 The Instant Audio Video Photo iPod Transfer System
This device acts as a hub and allows you to quickly transfer digital content, music, video, pictures, and documents, from one USB device to another without the use of a laptop, desktop computer, or complicated software. It automatically recognizes when you plug in a digital camera, and can transfer your digital photographs to any USB storage device, such as an iPodŽ, connected through the unit, a 2MB photo takes three seconds and a 30 minute video takes four minutes. It can also transfer pictures between two cameras that both support the Picture Transfer Protocol. It can transfer music from an iPodŽ formatted for PCs to a similar iPodŽ. You can also transfer data from one USB key to another without having to first copy contents onto a computer. Its 2 1/2" back-lit monochrome LCD shows you in which direction you are transferring data, and it allows you to control how information is organized. It also provides power to recharge both connected devices in the same way a computer does when connected to a USB device. It has a rechargeable battery that provides up to one hour of operation when two Gen5 iPodŽs are attached (two hours for two attached digital cameras), and includes an AC adapter, which provides a full recharge in four hours. 4 1/4" H x 2 1/2" W x 1" D. (8 oz.)
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OS: and later

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