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USB Boxer Relieve your stress with this miniature desktop boxer  USB Boxer
Relieve your stress with this extremely addictive fully interactive USB Boxer!

So you’ve had a good telling off from the horrid boss whose caught you playing with your gadgets while you’re supposed to be doing a really important report. Now you feel like giving your chief a punch or two? WAIT! Don’t do it as you’ll end up without a job no doubt! We recommend you plug the USB Boxer into your computer and knock out all your aggression without having a law suit filed against you.

The USB Boxer desktop toy is fully controlled by your keyboard and comes complete with its very own graphics and ringside sound effects. He takes your usual computer type game off the screen and brings a bit of physical presence right there on your desktop. You can touch him, stroke him or do whatever you want with him, just don’t get in his way when he goes to action and starts whacking the speed ball. To get this hard nut all set-up simply load the software onto your PC, then plug him into the USB port and you’re ready for ROUND 1, ding ding!

Once the USB Boxer gets going he’ll punch away as you tap the left and right arrow keys jabbing the speed ball as he rotates around it. Boy does it tire your fingers out quickly! With various game modes and an automatic setting to unleash the USB Boxers full potential you can just sense how highly addictive and immensely competitive this office toy really is. The easy to use software records all your punches and sets your scores, a perfect excuse to gather all your mates together for a full blown on contest to see who really is the toughest of them all!
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