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Wind Surfing Tips and Techniques Learn Windsurfing Tips and Techniques  Wind Surfing Tips and Techniques
Learn Windsurfing Techniques for begiiners to advanced surfers. Get a guide that will teach you lessons, tips and mistakes to avoid. Learn necessary knowledges, windsurfing in light-wind or high- winds. Skills on rigging, carrying your gear, getting on the board without pain, uphauling, setting-sail, tacking, and gybing. Learn how to steer in all four directions, to sail comfortably without strain, and to handle all the different sailing situations that you will encounter. Techniques of setting-sail, the moderate wind stance, higher wind windsurfing techniques, how to handle gust, and how to comfortably and safely sail in your harness. The Flare Gybe is the appropriate turn in the majority of windsurfing conditions found throughout the world. Use it on a long board or a short board when light wind prevents the use of footstraps. It also is the basis for the Carved Gybe Recovery. Besides the high-wind footstrap stance, other skills are how to get into your footstraps without rounding upwind, how to sail fast, how to sail upwind (thus avoiding a rescue), foot-steering, and preventing spin-out. Uphauling in high-wind is difficult at best, but virtually impossible on a short board. If you face these conditions or want to sail high-wind equipment, you need this essential skill. The Carved Gybe is the most desired maneuver in windsurfing. Four variations are taught: the Step Gybe, the Feet First Carved Gybe, the Feet Last Carved Gybe, and the Carved Gybe Recovery. The Ski Gybe is a different type of carved gybe that skiers and skaters find easier to learn. On the other hand, the Laydown Gybe is more traditional, but with a different sail manipulation technique, learn additional methods of flipping the sail.

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