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 Mini Race Cars Extreme Rally  Remote Control Mini Cars  Hydrogen Fuel Racing Car  Triple Action Solar Car
Mini Race Cars Extreme Rally
Download free trial
23 Mb

Drive the world's fastest mini cars. Select from 12 lightning fast miniature cars and ride in over 50 rally race tracks.

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Remote Control Mini Cars
Popular Remote Control

Play mini car racing with miniature radio remote controlled mini cars.

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Hydrogen Fuel Racing Car
Popular Product

The smallest and coolest hydrogen fuel cell H2O car in the world!

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Triple Action Solar Car
Popular Electronic

This futuristic miniature solar car is an exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy.

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 Donkey Kong and Super Mario Kart RC Racers  Remote Control Laser Combat Cars  Mini One Racing  Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
Donkey Kong and Super Mario Kart RC Racers
Popular Remote Control

Donkey Kong Racer and Mario Racer are sold separately

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Remote Control Laser Combat Cars
Popular Handheld

2 remote control miniature cars have infrared lasers that are fired by the handheld remotes. You can play one human against another or switch one car to arficial intelligence mode, enabling one player to battle a microprocessor-controlled car.

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New Mini One Racing
38 Mb

Play MiniOne Racing: 4 univers, 4 vehicles, 20 circuits and arenas, up to 4 players in multiplayer games, and online scores. 100% speed, 100% fun, 100% toy!

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New Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
Popular Toys

Hot Wheels Playset with dinosaurs and jurassic tracks.

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Online Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset
 Rally Mini Racers  Dreamway Symbian  Outdoor Solar Racers Race Set  Putt-Putt Enters the Race
Rally Mini Racers
6 Mb

Play Formula 1 miniature car racing games. Capture all of the flags while avoiding the road hazards and enemy cars that appear at every turn.

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Dreamway Symbian
1 Mb

Dreamway is a cool mini car racing game for Symbian S60 phones.

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Outdoor Solar Racers Race Set
Popular Toys

With solar cell spoilers, these micro racers don't fry, they fly down the track! Set includes two solar racing vehicles, over 5 feet of track, and a starting gate launcher.

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Putt-Putt Enters the Race
111 Mb

Today's the big day, as the curious little convertible prepares for the Car Town 500. Point & Click adventure, Disney style.

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 Super Slot Car Racing  Pilot Micro Race  Rural Racer  VanTT
Super Slot Car Racing
Popular Toys

Super Action Speedway HO Scale Slot Car Set.

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Pilot Micro Race

Pilot Micro Race is a fun arcade mini car racing game. Play it with a friend and it become wonderful ! 10 Levels. One or two player game. Yes 2 players can play on the same PDA!!!

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Rural Racer

Play mini car racing games free online with Rural Racer. There are 8 laps. You have to finish each tack as the winner to advance to the next level. Use Shift key for turbo boost.

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Play miniature Van racing free online games. Pickup the yellow cones to score bonuses.

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Mini One Racing Play mini car racing in 4 univers, on 20 circuits, and with 4 differents cars
Triple Action Solar Car Mini Solar Car with a powerful 1.4 volt, 350 milliampere solar cell
Outdoor Solar Racers Race Set Two micro racers using solar cell spoilers, 5 feet of track, and starting gate
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Street Car Racer Race your car against the best on urban street courses
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Mini Boat Racing Also known as online hovercraft racing game
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Hot Wheels Dinosaurs Playset Don't let T-Rex dinosaur catch up with you. Lead him to the gas station to send him back to prehistoric times!
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Snail Mail Use the mouse to steer Turbo the Snail, and the left-mouse button to fire weapons. Turbo the Snail will deliver your packages on time - anywhere in the galaxy.
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Kore Karts 3 small go kart Tracks to play on line
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