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Happy Feet Penguins, Surf's Up, and other penguin games
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 Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Penguins  Penguin Throw Game  Albatross Overload  Penguins Journey
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Penguins
87 Mb

Set in the North Pole, care for new animals such as penguins, wooly mammoths and walruses, but watch out for those polar bears.

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Online Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Penguins
Penguin Throw Game

Yeti baseball game. Play Penguin Throw online games. As Yeti, you hit the penguins and try for the longest distance.

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Albatross Overload

The Yeti leaves the vast ice-scapes for the heat of Australia. The penguins are thrown upwards to the passing Albatrosses, who carry them as far as possible.

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Penguins Journey
25 Mb

Shovel, pound and piece together the wooden puzzle bridge to help your penguins cross cold oceans and reach safely their homeland!

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 Penguin Race  Mini Baby Emperor Penguin  Pengu Wars  1 Penguin 100 Cases
Penguin Race
Popular Toys

Penguins travel up the coaster from a motorized ladder abd slide down the chute. Fun!

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Mini Baby Emperor Penguin
Popular Handheld

This cute mini baby penguin is so small you can hold it on your hand.

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New Pengu Wars
7 Mb

Help Pengu the penguin defeat the fish thieves. Use each of your Pengus unique abilities to knock out the thieves.

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New 1 Penguin 100 Cases
96 Mb

Journey with Pengoo the penguin inside a fishing net to New Zealand, and stick with him as he struggles to find his way back home.

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 Penguins vs Ice Cubes  Polar Penguin Rescue  Snowball Run  Happy Feet Dancing Penguins
Penguins vs Ice Cubes

Knock the penguins out of the iceberg and back into the cold sea water by using your ice cube gun!

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Polar Penguin Rescue

Artic penguin platform game. Jump, collect and shoot your way to freedom!

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Snowball Run
4 Mb

Guide the snowball-riding penguin. Roll up and down ramps, around curves and obstacles, and over jumps for an exciting challenge!

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Happy Feet Dancing Penguins
Popular Electronic

Join the Happy Feet Penguins Ramon, Mumble or Gloria on their South Pole dances. They sing too!

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Online Happy Feet Dancing Penguins
 Sing Spin Pablo  Happy Feet Mumble Tumble Game  Putt Putt Saves the Zoo  Disney Club Penguin Igloo Playset
Sing Spin Pablo
Popular Remote Control

Press the Remote Controller or press his gentle hands to see Pablo the plush penguin sing and dance.

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Happy Feet Mumble Tumble Game
Popular Toys

Try to keep your penguins from sliding off the rocking iceberg into the icy waters below!

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Putt Putt Saves the Zoo
CD or Download
122 Mb

During their search of the missing baby animals, players swing across alligator- flooded rivers, play ice hockey with a polar bear, build a bridge out of icebergs, bop with dancing penguins, and more. Point and click adventure, Disney style

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Disney Club Penguin Igloo Playset
Popular Toys

This Disney Club Penguin Igloo set includes: 1 igloo playset, 1 penguin figure, 1 puffle, a moving dance floor, as well as a shooting cannon with basketball hoop to aim at!

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Penguins Arena Sednas World Snowball battles between penguins in 15 different Iceberg battlefields
Penguin vs Yeti Penguin Snowboarding game download with Yeti and Zoltan the vulture
Surf Up Big Wave Game Penguins Surfing board game based on Sony film
Penguins RC Soccer Penguins Radio-Controlled Soccer Game
Icy Spell Penguin The coolest word game in town!
Penguin Puzzle Help save the creatures of the North Pole. They're frozen in ice cubes!
Genius Move Sokoban puzzle game with friendly penguins

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New Releases
Pengu Wars The war is open between pinguins. Knock out your enemies
1 Penguin 100 Cases Guide Pengoo the penguin back to his home in this hidden object game download
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Penguins Ice Age penguins, mammoths, polar bears, and walruses
Play Free Penguins Online Games
Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age Penguins Feed the penguins fishes but beware of the polar bears!
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Penguin Throw Game Play Penguin Throw online games
Play Penguin Throw Game online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Albatross Overload Yeti sending penguins up in the air to Albatros
Play Albatross Overload online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Penguins Journey Use the puzzle pieces to build a bridge to the opposite shore to save the penguins. Left click a piece to pick it up and add it to the bridge. Right click to rotate puzzle pieces.
Play Penguins Journey online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Penguins vs Ice Cubes Knock the penguins back into the sea using your ice cubbe gun!
Play Penguins vs Ice Cubes online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Polar Penguin Rescue Penguin platform flash webgame
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Happy Feet Dancing Penguins Happy Feet Penguins dancing free Online video trailer. Fun!!
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Penguin Diner Click and point penguin diner restaurant online game
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Orca Slap Game Just like Darts, The Orca has to slap the penguins and go for the bulleye
Play Orca Slap Game online ADD this webgame to your one-page-playzone
Icy Spell Penguin Make words out of the scrambled ice-brick letters to help Icy the Penguin build his igloo.
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