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 Plant Tycoon  John Deere American Farmer  Word Zen Mahjongg Reinvented  Magic Vines
Plant Tycoon
Download free trial
28 Mb

Grow plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. Breed and cross breed plants. Create a magnificiant garden.

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John Deere American Farmer
84 Mb

Create and manage your own successful farm with John Deere American Farmer. Grow your future in America's Heartland!

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Word Zen Mahjongg Reinvented
Download free trial
20 Mb

This game is a cool mix of Mahjong and word games like Scrabble, and discover as you play items in your Zen Garden. If you love Mahjongg games and Scrabble then this is your game!

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Online Word Zen Mahjongg Reinvented
Magic Vines
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6 Mb

Get ready to travel the jungles and plains of the world! Explore each location by solving a series of increasingly difficult puzzle boards!

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Online Magic Vines
 Insect Lore Butterfly Garden  Miniature Zen Garden  Plants vs Zombies  Flower Stand Tycoon
Insect Lore Butterfly Garden
Popular Product

Grow Your Own Butterflies! In about 10 days the larvae will turn to chrysids and in another 7-10 days to a beautiful butterfly.

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Miniature Zen Garden
Popular Handheld

Desktop mini Zen Garden. The miniature Zen Gardens introspective garden comes with everything you need to participate in the art of Zen gardening: white purified sand, rocks, rakes and more.

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New Plants vs Zombies
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34 Mb

GAME OF THE YEAR! In Plants vs. Zombies, zombies are invading your home, and your defense is an arsenal of -you guessed it- plants! For your defence, you get 49 zombie-zapping plants like peashooters and cherry bombs!! Fun game for Halloween!

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New Flower Stand Tycoon
Download free trial
31 Mb

Invest in the development of new flowers, sell them around your city and overtake the competition to gain the status of "Flower Stand Tycoon".

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 Alice Greenfingers  Zen Garden Puzzle  Zen Garden Bridge  Frogs Croaking Crooners
Alice Greenfingers
Download free trial
4 Mb

Gardening business simulation game, where you build and decorate your own garden of flowers, animals and vegetables. Design your garden the way YOU like it with Alice Greenfingers!

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Zen Garden Puzzle
Download free trial
2 Mb

If you like Zen gardens and to play puzzles then this is your game! Set in a relaxing Zen monastery, your challenge is to rake every square of the rock garden leaving no stone unturned!

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Zen Garden Bridge
Popular Product

Enhance your garden by adding very beautiful cedar garden bridges.

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Frogs Croaking Crooners
Popular Electronic

Put a croaking Pacific Chorus Frog in your garden!

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 Flower Power  DNA  Garden Golf  Third World Farmer
Flower Power

Test your quickfire reactions to help stop the garden becoming too overgrown with flowers. Use your flower shooter to fire the flowers at the mass of flowers above.

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Download free trial
13 Mb

The biologist needs your forensic lab DNA expertise. Work on new species of flowers. But watch out for viruses that could contaminate your experiments and laboratory!

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Online DNA
Garden Golf
7 Mb

Enjoy two 18 hole mini golf courses packed with fun and varied obstacles, such as tunnels, treadmills and more!

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Third World Farmer

This game that puts you in the shoes of a family of farmers in one of the poorest areas of the world. This remarkable simulation lets you make the important decisions that will determine if your family will prosper, or starve.

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Plants vs Zombies Defend your home against Zombies with your 49 plants like peashooters!
Flower Stand Tycoon Invest and Develop Flower Stand business. Simulation game
Magic Vines Mac Solve difficult puzzle Vines boards. For Mac OS.
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Word Zen Mahjongg Reinvented Play online Mahjong with letter tiles in your Zen Garden and create long words for big points like in Scrabble!
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Magic Vines Rotate pieces by clicking on them. Solve on line difficult puzzle boards
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Flower Power Rearrange flowers together online fun garden game fre to play
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DNA Try DNA experiments Online. Enter the biology lab and create new flower species.
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Third World Farmer Click on items to plant or buy
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Plantasia Garden Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, watch your gardens bloom free online gardening game
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