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Arkanoid BreakOut Brick Breaker Games
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 Bricks of Egypt  Ricochet Extreme  Moby Blaster  Fairy Treasure
Bricks of Egypt
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3 Mb

Bricks of Egypt takes you on a fantastic journey through an undiscovered Egyptian world of traps, lasers, fire-balls, gems and hieroglyphs. Classic brick breaking action and three difficulty settings.

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Online Bricks of Egypt
Ricochet Extreme
Download free trial
8 Mb

Known as one of the best Arkanoid game on the web.

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Moby Blaster

Create your own game and send it to a friend!

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Fairy Treasure
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20 Mb

Recapturing the Fairy Treasure, stolen from the Kingdom of Trollandia by an evil and greedy troll and struggle against hags, goblins and other evil creatures. Recover a historic treasure of jewels, fairy dust, and magic potions in this original bric

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Online Fairy Treasure
 Power Play TV Games  Classic Arcade Super Breakout  SpongeBob DeepSea Smashout  Dont Break the Ice
Power Play TV Games
Popular Plug and Play

Plug it into your TV and you're ready to play 120 arcade video games including Bomberman, Super Mario Bros, Pacman, Dig-Dug Digger, Space Invaders, Tetris, Archery, Super Brick Arkanoid and more.

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Classic Arcade Super Breakout
Popular Handheld

Exciting Arcade Breaking sound effects with large LCD screen and Multi-Level Play.

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New SpongeBob DeepSea Smashout

Clear the whole screen of coral by bouncing Gary on them. Play SpongeBob Arcanoid online games.

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New Dont Break the Ice
Popular Toys

Tap out ice blocks one by one. To win, the polar bear must stay on top. For 2 or more players. Take your time and do some thinking to keep the polar bear from sinking.

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 Ricochet Recharged  X-Bound  Smash Frenzy 2  Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys
Ricochet Recharged
Download free trial
10 Mb

Over 350 electrifying brick-busting levels from around the world! Download games to play off-line on your PC

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1 Mb

360 degree breakout game. Use the paddle to bounce the ball into the surround bricks to destroy each brick. Destroy all bricks to beat the level.

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Online X-Bound
Smash Frenzy 2
Download free trial
7 Mb

The magic is back! More stunning and more addictive than the original, Smash Frenzy 2 takes brick-busting to a whole new level of fun.

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Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys
Download freeware
8 Mb

It is up to Cactus Bruce the Pirate, with his One-Ton Claw Machine and friends to defend the island against the evil Corporate Monkeys. 14 Awesome Levels in the monkey freeware version. Add-Ons optional.

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 Invasion Waves  FizzBall  Zombie Ball Arcade  Snowball Bustout
Invasion Waves
Download free trial
11 Mb

Pong (Atari, 1972), BreakOut (Atari, 1972), Space Invaders (Taito, 1978), Galaxian (Namco, 1979), Galaga (Namco, 1983), Arkanoid (Taito, 1986) - Pinbal Invasion (WildSnake, 2003) big moments in video gaming history in one great game!

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Online Invasion Waves
Download free trial
22 Mb

Help the Professor bounce bubbles, rescue hungry animals, and solve a mystery, all at the same time! Animals include the white tiger, polar bears, penguins and more.

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Zombie Ball Arcade
Download free trial
10 Mb

Poe has acquire the Zombie Ball weapon and you will help him beat the beasts in the Dark Forest.

You can play time unlimited the freeware in one level. The full version has 200 levels that you can play!

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Snowball Bustout
4 Mb

Mischievous imps are hiding in Santa's gift boxes, tossing out the presents and making everyone's holiday miserable. It's up to you to stop them with your magic snowball and bring Christmas cheer back to the North Pole!

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Online Snowball Bustout
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SpongeBob DeepSea Smashout Help SpongeBob and Gary break through the coral reef!
Dont Break the Ice Tap out ice blocks one by one but to win, the polar bear must stay on top.
Fairy Treasure Arkanoid game in a world of trolls, hags, goblins and more
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Fairy Treasure Online fantasy Arkanoid game with witch, fairy, bomb mushrooms and more
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SpongeBob DeepSea Smashout Help SpongeBob and Gary break through the coral reef!
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X-Bound Play Online 360 degree brick busting games free
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Invasion Waves Play free Invasion Waves online games
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Snowball Bustout Help Santa to get Christmas gifts back from evil Imp hiding in some of the gift boxes.
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Smashing Arkanoid Breakout Play Arkanoid brick busting online games
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Little Bugga Goes Nutty Little Bugga, we need you! Help the Chipmunks bounce into their new home!
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