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 Robotic Dinosaur  Remote Controlled Robotic Shark  NSECT Robotic Attack Creature  Rockem Sockem Robots
Robotic Dinosaur
Popular Product

Multiple sensors in the dinosaur detect sound, movement, and touch. A pull of its tail and the dinosaur may bite and growl, while a touch of its chin might inspire it to nuzzle like a pet. Infra-red sensors help it avoid obstacles as it walks, runs, or st

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Remote Controlled Robotic Shark
Popular Remote Control

A full 2' long, this unique robotic shark has a full-range of motion to replicate the smooth, sleek swimming of one of nature's most efficient predators.

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NSECT Robotic Attack Creature
Popular Remote Control

This remote control spider alike robotic can attack with missiles. This creepy crawler morphs into a mighty missile blaster in seconds. 2 shooting modes allow single or rapid fire a distance of up to 25’.

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Rockem Sockem Robots
Popular Toys

The ever popular classic Mattel Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots boxing game toy.

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 Remote Control Boxing  Robot Dog  OWI Robotic Arm Edge  Hexbug Nano Habitat
Remote Control Boxing
Popular Remote Control

These remote control miniature boxer robots execute eight distinct maneuvers, including 360 spins, bobbing, hooks, and jabs, to outbox each other at the players command.

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Robot Dog
Popular Remote Control

Robopet can walk, run, sit down, lie down, stand up and roll over, and he even makes barking, whimpering, growling and panting sounds.

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New OWI Robotic Arm Edge
Popular Miniature

Command the Robotic Arm for multiple movements and functions. The robotic arm gripper opens and closes. No Soldering Required.

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New Hexbug Nano Habitat
Popular Toys

Electronic ants moving around your custom made habitat. The nano series, which acts very similarly to a bug in that it will flip itself over if it is placed on its back. It has an off-set motor in it which causes it to vibrate.

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 Tekno the Robotic Puppy Dalmatian  Alive Chimpanzee  Robot Kitty  Voice Activated R2-D2 Star Wars Robot
Tekno the Robotic Puppy Dalmatian
Popular Electronic

Tekno Dalmatian puppy reacts to your presence, when you come into your room, he barks and trembles with excitement. Just like a real puppy, he wants to be petted, bark, walk avoiding obstacles, perform tricks, dance and more. When dark he snores to sleep.

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Alive Chimpanzee
Popular Remote Control

This robotic Chimpanzee head is a realistic reproduction of a real Chimpanzee with realistic hair, skin and sounds of the wild! His eyes, face expression and sounds reacts to your remote control.

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Robot Kitty
Popular Electronic

Cute Remote Control Kitty robot cat. This robot kitten acts just like a real pet kitten.

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Voice Activated R2-D2 Star Wars Robot
Popular Electronic

This Electronic replica of Star Wars robot R2-D2 obeys to more than 40 voice commands! This R2-D2 also plays games like tag, using an infra-red sensor to search for people in a room!!

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 Mr Robot  Hublo  Puzzle Bots  X Com Enforcer
Mr Robot
Download free trial
29 Mb

Adventure through many 3D starship. Part platform jumping adventure, part RPG style battle game. Use your platform jumping skills to avoid traps and enemy robots.

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Adventure with little bomb robot. Use arrows to move and space to shoot.

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Puzzle Bots
Download free trial
117 Mb

There’s a big secret at Dr. Hugo’s Factory for Making Robots. When the inventors aren’t looking, their tiny robots go on big adventures! Play as different robots!

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X Com Enforcer
231 Mb

To combat alien forces, a lone XCOM scientist has created the Enforcer, a high-tech fighting machine made of earthly robotics and scavenged alien technology.

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Dark Horizons Lore Invasion Squad enforced with a Mechanized Assault Vehicule robot
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Age of Tesla Simulate tasks for a Remote Control Robot Dog
Tekno the Robotic Pony A Robot Pony that walks, express emotions, dance and speak!!
The Interactive Robotic Panda Interactive electronic Panda bear that react to your touch.
Alive Robotic White Tiger Cub WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub Plush Robotic Toy in White/Black

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